We are very excited to be able to introduce to you the new exclusive, luxury combo drink Branzea. This premium French liqueur has an incomparable, unique taste. The bright blue liqueur has a delicate, accessible and fresh floral flavour that instantly puts a smile on your face. The trendy French liqueur (17% alc.) consists of soft premium brandy, flavouring triple sec and as a finishing touch lime, to create the perfect blend. It is a lovely fresh, exclusive and versatile liqueur. In the bottle and in your glass Branzea looks refreshingly sparkling blue, making it sure it gets the attention it so rightfully deserves. Designed by one of the world’s best design agency (well-known brands Hennessy Cognac, Belverde Vodka and Palmes d’Or Champagne) in the beverage industry. Obviously we are quite proud of our creation! That’s why we are happy to announce that soon customers throughout Europe and around the world will be able to make Branzea part of their lifestyle and drinking repertoire. The refreshing sparkling blue colour of Branzea invites you to try this exclusive drink! You can drink it pure or with ice, and add a slice of lime, strawberry or a cherry. It is the perfect base for a long drink or a great cocktail. You can also mix it with Bitter Lemon, Sprite or Sparkling Water. Branzea is the perfect drink to serve with a delicious starter and also tastes great with a dessert. Serve the refreshing premium liqueur with a homemade starter to your meal and enjoy!

About Branzea

Branzea is made with a soft premium French brandy, triple sec and lime.

French Brandy:
The premium French Brandy is made with the finest eaux-de-vie, which is made exclusively with Ugni Blanc grapes. These grapes come from the Cognac region’s premier growing districts. The Brandy is aged longer and reveals more complex, refined flavours, which leads to an explosion of flavour.

The oranges are mainly handpicked in the Caribbean. They are cut into quarters while still green and therefore at their aromatic peak. The pulp of the oranges is removed and the peels are left to dry in the tropical sun.

Upon arrival at the distillery the dried orange peels are macerated into neutral alcohol. This flavoured alcohol is then carefully distilled to produce an aromatic concentrate. This leads to an exotic, wild variety called Citrus Bigaradia.

Cocktail & Cuisine

On the Rocks

Storm on the Ocean

Ocean 9

Blue Fisherman

The Oceans Ride


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Enjoy the lifestyle of Branzea

When we think about the lifestyle of Branzea we see a group of friends having a drink together in a trendy club in Paris. They are enjoying each others company and order a glass of Branzea and some fair trade snacks to accompany their drink. Music, friendship, enjoyable conversations, good food, cocktails and long drinks, that’s what the Branzea lifestyle is all about.